Mark de Clive Lowe releases tunes from his latest album Church on 7′ inch


MARK DE CLIVE-LOWE – “NOW OR NEVER” 7″ inch record.

Another stunning release from up and coming local label, Mucho Aroha Music.
This 7″ single from future jazz pioneer, Mark de Clive Lowe features two of his hottest tracks off his newly released album, Church.

“Now or Never” featuring Nia Andrews, was originally a live jam performed at his popular LA club night which has finally been given the studio treatment. Inspired by jazz percussionist Max Roach with a hypnotic baseline featuring flutters of flute and sax, this is a song that rolls the shoulders while taking the mind to better place. Talented songwriter Nia describes it
as “a love letter to her wildest dreams”.

“Brukstep” is a hat tip to Mark de Clive Lowe’s years spent in the heart of West London’s broken beat scene alongside artists such as 4Hero, Bugz in the Attic and Domu. This is a genuine UK two-step groove given a jazz makeover, complete with a work out on the grand piano accompanied by a guest trumpet solo courtesy of Duane Eubanks. The drum programming, sampling and effects were performed live in studio as the band performed, giving the electronic segments of the track a spontaneous and organic feel akin to the acoustic parts.

It’s the third vinyl release for Mucho Aroha, following Ladi 6’s Ikarus / Ready to Fly single and Latinaotearoa’s 7” featuring three songs off their self titled album.

This release from Mark de Clive-Lowe is their biggest yet, and a sure sign of things to come for the new label.

Now or Never featuring Nia Andrews 4:14

MdCL – piano, rhodes, keyboards, synth bass, live electronic manipulation, sampling + programming
Nia Andrews – vocals, Tivon Pennicott – flute + saxophone, Tim Lefebvre – bass, Nate Smith – drums

Brukstep 5:09

MdCL- piano, rhodes, keyboards, synth bass, live electronic manipulation, sampling + programming
Tivon Pennicott – saxophone, Duane Eubanks – trumpet, Tim Lefebvre – bass, Nate Smith – drums

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