Mucho Aroha Music is a digital and vinyl-based record label that aims to build bridges for New Zealand artists in South America.
We believe in a cultural connection between Aotearoa and Brazil; as we live by the sea, seek the sun and love sport, but the similarities don’t end there – we also love good music.
Its a celebration and development of this reciprocal exchange of culture creating the first South American oriented record label operating out of New Zealand.

Some of the groups signed to Mucho Aroha are the Latin-Soul trio Latinaotearoa, who has released two albums digitally “Sonido de Latinaotearoa” & “Latinaotearoa in Latinoamerica” and
“Sonido de Latinaotearoa” in 7” inch record.
Also signed is New Zealand Hip Hop, Soul diva Ladi 6 with her latest album “Automatic” being distributed digitally and in a 7” inch vinyl.
Mark de Clive-Lowe is being represented in a 7″ inch record as well with songs from his latest album “Church” and the band “Sorceress” has released their album “Dose” via Mucho Aroha Music in the whole South American territory.

In July 2014 Mucho Aroha Music has released a digital compilation called “Sounds of New Zealand” which represents most of the new sounds of Aotearoa with songs from bands such as Electric Wire Hustle, P-Money, Sorceress, Ladi 6, Latinaotearoa, Fat Freddys Drop, Black Seeds, Sola Rosa, @Peace, Hollie Smith, Nathan Haines, Julien Dyne, Mark de Clive – Lowe and Lord Echo.
This compilation is now coming on vinyl in July 2015.